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Geobid’s privacy policy describes our practices regarding our corporate website and any customer extranet (the “Site”) and our Real Time Bidding advertising service (the “Service”) and how we use and collect consumer data. Geobid’s privacy policy only applies to websites which are under Geobid’s control, and does not apply to websites that are not under Geobid’s control or that Geobid does not employ or manage.

Geobid Does Not Collect Personally Identifiable Information
Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”) is information such as a person’s name, phone number, home address or email address which could be used to identify an individual user. As a general rule, Geobid does not collect PII from general internet users who are engaged in using the Geobid Service. An exception to this general rule would be if somebody sends PII voluntarily or in an email (or in some other way), then Geobid would receive and store this information.

Third party advertisers are not subject to Geobid’s privacy policy. This means that some advertisements provided by the Service could direct users to a third party advertisers website. It is up to individual users of the Geobid Service to review the privacy policies of any third party websites they should visit.

Geobid Does Collect Consumer Data Which Is Non-Personally Identifiable
Geobid may collect some anonymous information (ie, non-PII information), for the purposes of enhancing a user’s experience and gathering information necessary for Geobid’s reports. This information may include, but is not limited to IP addresses, internet service provider, browser type, platform type, usage information, transaction information, date stamp, time stamp, click number, scroll position, mouse position, time on individual pages, and time on website. The purpose of collecting such information is an order to optimize the Service and the Site, trend analysis, advertising and content customization, user movement tracking, and for the purpose of gathering broad demographic information for aggregate use.

Browser “Do Not Track” Policies and Information Collected From Other Websites
Many browser offer a “do not track” option. This option permits you to notify web applications and services, and websites operators of your desire to have them not track your online activities across different websites or over time. Geobid Services do not support these “do not track” requests. Information regarding your online activity while using our Service and after you leave will still be collected. Geobid does not make any assurances or promises that third party sites support your “do not track” requests on your browser. The reason Geobid places “cookies” on your browser or device is specifically to collect and track information while online using our Service and after you leave to go to other sites. This is done purely to improve and customize your online experience while utilizing our Service.

Geobid’s Use of Collected Information
Any PII which is collected by Geobid is used to improve Geobid’s retargeting efforts in order to provide advertisements to visitors across multiple websites. It is also used for sales and marketing efforts, and to gather statistics on which advertisements have the best responses and best performance. Any PII provided by an individual voluntarily by way of email, online form or by way of any other contact will be utilized by Geobid in order to better respond to the user’s question.

Geobid Only Shares Collected Information With A Limited Few.
Gebid’s collected information is only shared with publishers, advertisers, sponsors, business partners and a limited amount of third parties. We do not sell PII or rent PII to anyone!

Geobid will share PII (with a user’s consent) to third parties in order to respond to a user’s question. Geobid will also give third parties access to PII only if they agree to not disclose or use the PII for any other purposes which are not Service-related services. This would include things such as maintenance, database management, adding new Service features, web analytics, or any other necessary Service-related service. In the event that Geobid merges with another company or is purchased, then all previously collected PII would be shared with the purchased Service or merging business. Lastly, PII will be released in order to comply with valid court orders and reasonable government and law enforcement requests. This would include enforcement of all agreements and conditions of use, intellectual property protection, or for purposes of protecting the safety of Geobid’s employees, users, or others.

Geobid utilizes the common practice of placing “cookies” (a pixel or small piece of javascript code) which are anonymous and invisible and contain a unique identifier. These cookies are delivered from a website computer to the user’s browser, and then they are stored on the hard drive of the user. This allows Geobid to identify the user’s computer when the user navigates the website in the future.

You can “opt-out” from having Geobid collect your non-PII while utilizing our Service and platform by simply clicking the platform opt-out button above. If you click this option, Geobid will place an “opt-out cookie” on your computer which tells us not to collect your non-PII. This will assist us in making sure our user’s advertising campaigns can be properly structured. Keep in mind that if you use a different browser or computer, or otherwise block or delete or restrict your cookies, this may require you to renew your opt-out choice.

Geobid’s Security Measures
All data stored on Geobid’s server is not generally available to the public and is treated as confidential. Geobid’s electronic, physical and managerial procedures are designed to protect against unauthorized access, alteration, destruction or disclosure of all data. Geobid’s security also includes encryption combined with a detailed internal security policy which restricts access to customer’s data to only those employees who need the information in order to fulfill their job descriptions. Although Geobid’s security activities and policies get us close to 100% security, we cannot guarantee absolute security. For any and all questions regarding Geobid’s security, feel free to contact us at

Third Party Site Security
Because Geobid’s service and site links to third party websites and advertisers, their links are included on this site. Geobid is not responsible for the security or privacy practices or content or other third party sites which are not under Geobid’s control.

Geobid and Children’s Policy
If you have discovered that your child had provided PII to Geobid and you wish to have it removed, please contact us at In order to have that information removed.

Geobid’s Privacy Police Update Schedule
Whenever Geobid updates its privacy policy, we will make a “policy update note” which will be placed at the top of our privacy policy. Geobid has the right to modify our policy at any time and it is up to the user to review this policy on a regular basis.

Contacting Geobid Regarding Privacy Concerns
If any Geobid user ever has a question regarding a privacy breach, their PII or non-PII information, or just a general question about security concerns, simply contact us at